eight-week Kindergarten Summer Program (KSP) to start this April 11 
by Liezl Aileen Nuñez

depeds-8w-kindergarten-summer-program-2011The eight-week Kindergarten Summer Program (KSP) of DepEd will be implemented in all schools across the country from April 11 to June 3, 2011. The program is aimed at ensuring that Grade 1 entrants of the upcoming school year are equipped with the learning experiences and skills essential for them to take on their next level of academic work. It targets potential Grade 1 students by June 2011 who are without preschool experience.

KSP is part of DepEd’s campaign to attain the Philippine Education For All (EFA) 2015 goal. Moreover, the program is in step with studies and worldwide findings revealing that the quality of a child’s preschool experiences are a determining factor in his/her performance in elementary and secondary education. DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro explained, “When young children are better prepared on the ways of school life, they develop a positive attitude in schooling. Thus, they value learning more, strive to excel and are more likely to finish basic education. This is what we want our young children to develop – value for education – through KSP.”

The Kindergarten Summer Classes, with a minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 students per class, shall be handled by permanent Kindergarten teachers as well as teachers appointed under the DepEd Subsidized Kindergarten Program during the school year. Meanwhile, itinerant teachers will be deployed to teach in far-flung barangays, with a minimum of 8 enrollees per class.

Implementing schools shall use the enriched Eight-Week Kindergarten Summer Program curriculum prescribed by DepEd. The instructional materials, which include manipulative toys, audio CDs, big books, and storybooks, will be disseminated by the Bureau of Elementary Education. Schools, nevertheless, are authorized to pursue support from local government units (LGUs) in providing other supplementary educational materials and equipment.

Schools are also directed to have advocacy forums and meetings with parents and LGUs to educate them on the significance of the KSP. Through such activities, it is hoped that more stakeholders from the communities and the local goverment will be encouraged to actively participate in helping make the students’ classrooms and environment child-friendly, safe, and conducive for learning.

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